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SCOPE: News second project meeting

Second project meeting of SCOPE project
On 26-27th April 2018 the second transnational meeting of the SCOPE project was held in Seville, Spain. The meeting was organized and hosted by INCOMA, Seville. The meeting was aimed at summarizing and discussing the results of the research phase of the project compiled in the Intellectual Output 1: Corporate Entrepreneurship Good Practice Catalogue. In the time between the first and the second transnational project meetings all partners conducted on-line surveys and interviews with corporate entrepreneurship (intrapreneurship) experts from enterprises and education and training providers. Their research was a way to get in-depth understanding of the current situation of and attitude towards corporate entrepreneurship in order to develop suitable materials and learning approaches for business entities and trainers.

Based on the research results and the experience of the partner institutions, the participants of the meeting conceptualized the Corporate entrepreneurship competence matrix for managers and employees/students (IO2). Based on the competence matrices the SCOPE Corporate Entrepreneurship Training Programme (IO3) will be developed in accordance with the outcomes-based approach. It will reflect the intended learning outcomes – knowledge, skills and competences which company managers and employees/students should attain as a result of engaging with the program materials. The initial outline of the training programme covers a wide range of competences and envisages 2 training modules for managers and 4 training modules for employees/students. The training materials within each module will include a brief theoretical introduction into the topic and hands-on recommendations on applying this knowledge to practice.
At the end of the meeting the partners prepared a detailed task list for the activities until the next project meeting, scheduled for 01-02.10.2018 in Larissa, Greece.


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