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Δημοσιεύσεις Μελών ΔΕΠ

Δημοσιεύσεις 2013

Halkos, G.E., & Kevork, I.S. (2013) Evaluating alternative frequentist inferential approaches for optimal order quantities in the newsvendor model under exponential demand. International Transactions in Operational Research, 20(6): 837-857.

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Iatridis, G. (2013) Environmental Disclosure Quality: Evidence on Environmental Performance, Corporate Governance and Value Relevance, Emerging Markets Review, 14 (1), pp. 55-75.

Iatridis, G., Sougiannis, T. & Travlos, N. (2013), Guest Editors of Special Section: “Risk Management and Reporting in Light of the Recent Financial Crisis”, International Review of Financial Analysis, 30, pp. 241-420.

Kapitsinis N., Metaxas T. & Duquenne M. (2013) Exploring the coherence and the meaning of territorial competition: Do national states behave in the same way as firms in case of default? The cases of Greece and Dubai, Applied Econometrics and International

Kaskarelis, I. (2013) Environmental Protection Impossibilities, Humanomics -International Journal of Systems and Ethics, 29(3): 220-231.

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Metaxas T. & Tsavdaridou M. (2013) Corporate social responsibility in Greece during the crisis period’, Journal of Advanced Research in Management, 7(1):20-34

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Papadamou, S. (2013) Market anticipation of monetary policy actions and interest rate transmission to US Treasury market rates, Economic Modelling, 33, 545-551.

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Εργαστήριο Επιχειρησιακών Ερευνών

Διευθυντής: Δρ. Γεώργιος Χάλκος, Καθηγητής Οικονομικής των Φυσικών Πόρων
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Εργαστήριο Οικονομικής Πολιτικής και Στρατηγικού Σχεδιασμού (Εργ.Ο.Πολι.Σ.Σ.)

Διευθυντής: Δρ. Πασχάλης Αρβανιτίδης, Αναπληρωτής Καθηγητής Οικονομικής Ανάλυσης των Θεσμών
logo dioikisi lab

Εργαστήριο Διοίκησης

Διευθύντρια: Δρ. Βικτώρια Μπέλλου, Αναπληρώτρια Καθηγήτρια στη Διοίκηση (Μάνατζμεντ)

Διοικητική Δομή