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Category: 3rd Semester


Duration: 3 hours for 13 weeks [ECTS: 4]

Course outline

The course tailored for students of economics aims at first to lay the foundations for coming to grips with the basic conceptual toolkit used in political science. It has a well-shaped career dimension, since it is designed to prepare the students for entry-examination into public service that require excellent knowledge of Greece’s political and administration system. To that purpose, a part of the seminar is tailored to the study of previous entry examinations into public service. Its second goal is to shed light upon the interdependence between political and economic developments of the modern world. Thus, students are expected to get familiar with those necessary concepts and theoretical approaches that are required in order to proceed to higher-level analysis of the various social, political and economic phenomena. It also examines the foundational components pertaining to the emergence of the political process (state, ideologies, power, parties, elections, etc.). The Assessment of the course is based on a final oral or written exam.


Administrative Structure