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Course outline

This course provides an examination of social welfare policy issues (such as poverty, social insurance, homelessness and health care) and the significance of social, economic, and political factors that influence policymaking and implementation. The topics that will be covered in lectures will be subdivided in four major topics: health, labor market, education and welfare (income security and income inequality policies). The social policies of the US and the European Union countries will also be discussed in lectures, with a special emphasis on the Greek social policy and welfare and the current crisis that is experienced regarding the efficiency and the survivability of the Greek welfare system.

1. Introduction
2. Historical overview. The European Social Policy
3. Welfare state (definition, goals, historical evolution). The contemporary and modern shortcomings of the welfare state
4. Social Policy (definition, implementation, shortcomings, different schools of thought regarding the implementation of social policy)
5. Economic theory and social protection
6. Reason for public intervention and provision of welfare
7. Structure and financing of the social protection schemes
8. Poverty and Homelessness, policies to address income inequality and poverty
9. Retirement and social welfare schemes
10. Health care policy
11. Employment policy
12. The future of social policy; current issues, concerns and modern challenges

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