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Duration: 3 hours per 13 weeks [ ECTS : 5 ]

Course Outline

This module provides an opportunity to study a variety of topics from the broad field of Microeconomic Analysis. The course builds upon the basic principles of Microeconomics that were covered in Microeconomic Analysis I and II and highlights the use of microeconomic techniques (for example, microeconometrics and mathematical modelling) to analyse real world problems and contemporary policy issues. The module will cover several topics among which labour market modern issues of interest and firms' operation and current research challenges.

Learning results

Upon successful completion of the module, the students should:

  • Be familiar and have a basic understanding of certain applied microeconomics principles, research issues and techniques.
  • Understand the economic tools and problems discussed in the lectures and be able to apply them to analyse real world problems and policy issues;
  • Demonstrate the capacity for analytical thinking and problem solving;
  • Be able to understand and critically discuss contemporary microeconomic policies and principles.

Administrative Structure