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Course outline

The module starts with an examination of the economic role of the government and its impact on economic agents and the economy. It then turns to examine the budgetary process, public revenues and expenditures and the effects they have on economic activity and economic agents. It addresses themes of fiscal policy in relation to contemporary fiscal issues of the Greek economy.

1. Taxation and public spending: an overview of their relation
2. Basic concepts of taxation theory
3. Tax burden and allocation theory
4. Spill over of the tax burden
5. The impacts of taxation on labor supply
6. The impacts of taxation on economic prosperity of household and on the societal economic prosperity
7. The impacts of taxation on employment policy
8. The impacts of taxation on welfare and poverty
9. Redistribution effects of taxation
10. The impacts of taxation on national income
11. Automatic stabilizer of the economy
12. The Greek taxation system

Administrative Structure