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Duration: 3 hours per 13 weeks [ ECTS : 5 ]

Course Outline

The course addresses and examines contemporary applied macroeconomic themes. It aims to act as a bridge between macroeconomic theory and real-world policy issues in the current European and international economic environment. Building on students’ knowledge of macroeconomic theory, it aims to enhance their understanding of the dominant policy issues and the policy decisions by national governments and European Union institutions. Topical and perennial macroeconomic policy issues will be discussed and examined from a theoretical and applied perspective. Themes examined include the difference between short-run and long-run analysis in macroeconomics using the neoclassical/keynesian models controversy, fiscal and monetary policy in the context of European integration, inflation and unemployment and the effects of monetary and fiscal policies on these aggregates, the recent fiscal and debt crisis, challenges posed by the changes in the global economic environment. Topics examined in the lectures will may vary depending on the changes in the European and international macroeconomic environment.

Learning results

Upon successful completion of the module, the students should:

  • Be familiar and have a basic understanding of certain applied microeconomics principles, research issues and techniques.
  • Understand the economic tools and problems discussed in the lectures and be able to apply them to analyse real world problems and policy issues;
  • Demonstrate the capacity for analytical thinking and problem solving;
  • Be able to understand and critically discuss contemporary microeconomic policies and principles.

Administrative Structure