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INFORMATION for ERASMUS+ incoming students

  1. the courses we offer can be found here
  2. our program of studies can be found here
  3. other courses offered in English by other Departments of the University of Thessaly can be found here
  4. for all other matters on Erasmus program please visit the site of the Erasmus office of the University here



According to a recent decision of the General Assembly of the Department of Economics all incoming Erasmus students have to include in their Learning Agreement all the courses offered in English by the Department.

These are the following

Winter Semester:

1) International Political Economy (course code: ΟΑ0106, ECTS: 6)

2) Topics in Applied Microeconomics (new course code will be assigned, ECTS: 5)

Summer Semester:

1) Tourism Development and Planning (course code: ΟΑ0150, ECTS: 6)
2) Topics in Applied Macroeconomics (new course code will be assigned, ECTS: 5)


For further Information on academic issues of the ERASMUS program you may contact:

Paschalis A. Arvanitidis, MEng, MLE, PgC, PhD
Associate Professor of Institutional Economics
Department of Economics, University of Thessaly
78 28th October street, 38333, Volos, Greece
tel: +30 24210 74914

Administrative Structure