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  • 24210 74771
  • 24210 74776
  • 28hs Octovriou 78, Volos, P.C. 38333
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Name Position Phone Suburb
Dr. Ageliki Anagnostou Assistant Professor in «Macroeconomic Theory & Policy» 242107-4596 Volos
Dr. Paschalis Arvanitidis Associate Professor in «Institutional Economics» 242107-4914 Volos
Dr. Victoria Bellou Associate Professor in «Management» 24210-74729 Volos
Dr. Athina Economou Assistant Professor in «Labour Economics» 242107-4670 Volos
Dr. George Halkos (on sabbatical from 15-9-2020 till 30-6-2021) Professor in Environmental Economics 24210-74920 Volos
Dr. George Iatridis Professor in «Accounting & Financial Management» 242107-4918 Volos
Dr. Ioannis Kaskarelis Professor in International Economics 24210-74912 Volos
Dr. Ιlias S. Kevork Professor in «Managerial Economics» 24210-74921 Volos
Dr. Christos Kollias Professor in Applied Economics 24210-74925 Volos
Dr. Theodore Metaxas Associate Professor in«Economic Development» 24210-74917 Volos
Dr. Stephanos Papadamou Professor in «Economics of Money and Banking» 24210-74963 Volos
Dr. Iacovos Psarianos (on sabbatical from 15-9-2020 till 30-6-2021) Assistant Professor in «Economic Growth» 242107-4969 Volos
Dr. Yeoryios Stamboulis Assistant Professor in «Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship» 242107-4721 Volos
Dr. Andreas Stergiou Associate Professor in «Modern European History and Politics» 242107-4534 Volos
Dr. Kyriaki Tsilika Assistant Professor in «Computational Economics» 242107-4367 Volos
Dr. Panagiotis Tsintzos Associate Professor on «Fiscal Theory & Policy» 242107-4915 Volos
Dr. Vasileios Tzemos Assistant Professor 24210-74915 Volos
Dr. Nickolaos G. Tzeremes Associate Professor of «Economic Analysis» 24210-74911 Volos
Dr. Vasileios Vlachos Tenure Assistant Professor 242107-4728 Volos
Dr. Loukas Zachilas Associate Professor on «Numerical and Analytical Study of Non-Linear Dynamical Models and Stability of Economic Systems» 242107-4916 Volos
Dr. Vasilis Zervos Associate Professor in «....» 242107-4612 Volos
Dr. Michel S. Zouboulakis Professor of in History & Methodology of Economics 24210-74882 Volos

Administrative Structure