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  • 24210 74771 / 24210 74776
  • Fax: 242107-4772
  • 28hs Octovriou 78, Volos, P.C. 38333


Course outline

This course develops and uses Excel spreadsheets as a modeling platform, for a wide range of economic computations. Students learn how to apply commands, functions and add‐ins in Excel and practice good spreadsheet design. In case discussions, students explore the effectiveness of various spreadsheet models.

Learning Modules

  1. Introduction to Computer Science.
  2. Computer’s infrastructure and the description of its parts.
  3. The function of the PC.
  4. Electronic mails, introduction to the Webmail of UTh.
  5. Introduction to Spreadsheets
  6. Performing calculations in spreadsheets of Excel 2016.
  7. Function syntax in Excel.
    1. Mathematical functions in Excel.
    2. Statistical functions in Excel.
  8. Logical functions in Excel.
  9. How to plot in Excel 2016. Using free visual interfaces with Excel data import
  10. Special topics and financial applications.

Administrative Structure