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  • 28hs Octovriou 78, Volos, P.C. 38333
Category: 3rd Semester


Duration: 3 hours per week - 13 weeks [ECTS: 6]

Course outline

1. Revision of the basic concepts of Inferential Statistics (sampling, sampling distributions; the Central Limit Theorem and its significance in Statistics; Parameters estimation: confidence intervals for the population mean and for the population variance; hypothesis testing.
2. Applications of Inferential Statistics (methods for quality control, warning and action limits, mean and range charts and their interpretation)
3. Comparing two samples (confidence intervals and hypothesis testing for two samples: independent and paired samples)
4. Comparing three and more samples (One-way analysis of variance; Computer applications)
5. Non-parametric methods (sign test, Wilcoxon signed rank, Mann-Whitney, Kruskal-Wallis). Chi-square tests of goodness of fit and independence. Computer applications
6. Introduction to regression analysis and correlation (linear correlation, multiple and partial correlation, linear regression, scatter diagrams, regression analysis)
7. Inferences concern the regression coefficients. Checking the statistical significance of the variables and the model.
8. Multiple regression. Testing the overall significance of the model. Problems of regression (non-linear
cases and some possible transformations). Regression problems (non-linearity and some possible transformations)
9. Use of Statistical Programs to find the regression line. Discussion of computers’ outputs.

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