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Category: 5th Semester


Duration: 3 hours per week - 13 weeks [ECTS: 5]

Course outline

The aim of this module is to present and discuss the European Union environment regarding, institutions, policies and frameworks that the operation of state members economies and societies authorized. Special attention given to the last 30 years of European Union since the environment of EU characterized has changed in geopolitical, economic, social and cultural level. These phenomena combined with the recent economic crisis especially in European south and Greece, constitute the main areas of investigation from the students. The main parts are the following: Decision making procedures in EU, EU phases of integration, Tax competition, Competition policy, Regional Policy, Industrial policy, Common Agriculture Policy, Common market, R/D policy, Environmental policy, Economic crisis, Case studies.

Learning Outcomes

By ending the course, students will be able to:

  • Know how the EU operates and affects the environment of the member states
  • Recognize the operation of the market into EU environment
  • Know and describe the ways that strategies and policies are developed for EU progress
  • Investigate new research areas, through the development of specific scientific assignments that is one of the main aims of the course
  • Understand crucial issues of geopolitical importance
  • Create/ compose a clear view regarding their participation and contribution in several subjects such as, specific development issues, social cohesion, small-medium enterprises development, environment, tourism and culture, research-development, transportation etc.

Administrative Structure