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Duration: 3 hours per week - 13 weeks [ECTS: 6]

Course outline

The aim of the course is to develop the comprehension of the significance and role in the economy of technology and technological change and the mechanisms of interaction between technology and economy. The course is organized as follows:

1. Introduction: What is technology and innovation? The importance of technical change and innovation. The development of the Research and Development system.
2. Innovation and technical change theory, techno-economic paradigm and the information society, path dependence, non-tacit and tacit knowledge
3. Microeconomics of innovation and technology. Innovation Models. Economics of Research and Development, increasing returns and network externalities. Innovation, technology and SMEs.
4. Macro-economic view: Innovation systems, technology and development, technology and competitiveness
5. Technology diffusion
6. Knowledge and human capital
7. Technology ad strategy
8. Technology policy: Science, research and innovation policy, information society and employment, technology and environment

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